Finished Truck Shipment Accumulation Cell w/ Reverse Order Sorting and Dispensing Controls

Each Pair Of Parallel Powered Conveyors Work As A Pallet Accumulation Buffer And Sortation Carousel For Outbound Shipments. Shippable Finished Loads Come From Multiple Upstream Manufacturing Lines. Each Load Is Scanned Into Place As It Is Delivered To The Selected Buffer’s Infeed Roller Conveyor. A PC Tracks Each Truckload’s Inventory Against A Master Shipping List And When The Load Is Completed The PC Alerts The Selected Carrier To Come Pick Up The Load. When The Delivery Truck Arrives At A Dock The Selected Accumulation Buffer Conveyor Circulates The Loads Past The Discharge Station And Dispenses The Accumulated Loads To The Forklift Operator In The Proper Loading Pattern.

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