Full Case and Less Than Case Order Picking, Inspection and Packaging System

Full Case and Less Than Case Order Picking, Order Inspection and Packaging System. The System Substantially Reduces The Associate Walking and Lifting Requirements As Well As Increases Order Throughput Rates and Picking Accuracy. The System Starts With An Over/Under High Density Pallet Storage System With Push Back Staging Of Loads On The Upper Two Rack Levels And Gravity Flow Lanes For Full Case Picking To Powered Take Away Conveyors On The Lower Level. The System Then Passes Through A Broken Case Picking Area for Small Items To Be Picked From Shelf Levels In A Rack Supported Mezzanine Configuration. Finally All Orders Go A Sortation Station Where The System Automatically Segregates Full Case Orders And Bypasses Them Around The Manual Inspection Process. All Other Orders Pass Through a 100% Inspection And Pack Out Process.

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