Long Part High Speed Packaging & Sortation Cell

The Supplied Custom Packaging System Receives Long Parts On A Series Of Parallel Powered Roller Conveyors From An Existing Painting Operation. The System Automatically Inspects The Parts For Quality and Singulates The Parts Into A Pair Of Spiral Wring Wrappers Which Apply Protective Sleeves To Each Piece Individually. Once Sleeved The Parts Are Accumulated On Parallel Powered Roller Conveyors In Batches And Delivered To The Cartoning Station. A Batch Of Long Parts Is Automatically Inserted Into The Master Carton Station And The Master Carton Is Folded And Banded Closed At Specific Points As It Conveys Down Stream. Once The Carton Banding Process Is Completed The Batches Are Conveyed Downstream Where They are Sorted By Outbound Truck Loads In Reverse Delivery Order. An Existing Overhead Crane System With A Fork Attachment Is Used To Load The Finished Orders Onto Outbound Delivery Trucks.

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