Pallet Jack Loaded Case Pick & Wrap System

The Customer Wanted To Reduce The Time Allocated For Stretch Wrapping Manually Picked Loads In A High Velocity Distribution Center. The Solution Allowed The Pickers To Deliver Two Picked Pallets At A Time To A Low Elevation Powered Roller Conveyor, Push A Start Button And Go Back To Picking. Once The Process Starts The Loads Are Singulated To A High Speed Wrapper That Processes Approximately One Load Per Minute And Then The Finished Loads Are Released Downstream for Pick Up By A Forklift Truck At The Shipping Dock. Prior Wait Times Per Load Wrapped Was 150 Seconds (2 Minutes 30 Seconds) New Wait Times Per Load Wrapped Became 15 Seconds, A 90% Reduction In Wait Time That Became Immediately Available For Picking Improvement.

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