Pallet Jack Loaded & Unloaded Case Pick & Wrap System

The Customer Wanted To Reduce The Time Allocated For Stretch Wrapping Manually Picked Loads In A High Velocity Distribution Center. The Solution Allowed The Pickers To Deliver Two Picked Pallets At A Time To A Low Elevation Powered Roller Conveyor, Push A Start Button And Go Back To Picking. Once The Process Starts The Loads Are Singulated To A High Speed Wrapper That Processes A Load Per Minute And Then The Finished Loads Are Released Downstream for Pick Up By Another Pallet Jack. Prior Wait Times Per Load Wrapped Was 150 Seconds (2 Minutes 30 Seconds) New Wait Times Per Load Wrapped Became 15 Seconds, A 90% Reduction In Wait Time That Became Immediately Available For Picking Improvement.

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