Work In Process KanBan Cell for Product Assembly Lines

A Lean Manufacturing Product Delivery System For Handling Work In Process Totes On Powered Conveyors Between Manufacturing Processes. The Picture Shows Two Of The Eight Identical Conveyor Cells Within A Master Powered Roller Conveyor System. Each Shown Conveyor Configuration Was Designed To Stage 2-3 Hours Of Production So The Neighboring Processes Were Decoupled From Each Other. The Two Powered Conveyor Cells Shown Are Used To Accumulate And Deliver WIP Component Materials Into A Subassembly Process (Right Hand Cell) And Then To A Final Assembly Process (Left Hand Cell). Emptied Totes Are Removed From The Assembly Processes By These Conveyor Cells As Well. The Conveyors Interface To Custom Towed Transfer Carts Along A Common Aisle Between The Two Shown Cells. The Spatially Tight Environment Forced The Conveyor Flow Patterns To Fit Between And Around Other Manufacturing Processes And Minimize The Required Square Footage.

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