Heavy Component Assembly and Packaging Cell

A Flexible Conveyor Based Assembly System For Heavy Automotive Drive Line Components With Multiple Work Stations Assembling The Units In A Single Piece Flow Process. A Secondary Line, To The Right Of The Assembly Line, Kits The Custom Units Into Retail Packaging For Shipment. The System Provides Better Associate Ergonomics With Reduced Lifting Requirements Subsequently Resulting In Higher Productivity Per Associate. Equipment Designed, Provided & Installed Includes: ZeroPressure Accumulating Conveyors, Gravity Conveyors, Assembly Work Stations, Gorbel Light Bridge Cranes And Monorails, Purchased Part Shelving per Assembly Station.

High Capacity Free Standing Mezzanine with Integral Crane System

The Free Standing Mezzanine With The Mezzanine Column Supported Overhead Bridge Crane Provides Substantial Additional Square Footage For Raw Materials Storage And Delivery To An Injection Molding Process at the Ground Level. The Crane System Allows Access To Any Unit Load Of Pellitized Plastic Materials Under Its Travel Path. This Reduces The Number Of Touches Per Unit Load Handled Resulting In Lower Indirect Labor Costs.

Large Product Disassembly, Repair and Rebuild System

The Customer Wanted To Improve The Departments Production Levels And The Associates Ergonomics Environment. The Crane Based Disassembly, Repair and Rebuild System for Jet Engine Products Substantially Improved Productivity Levels As Well As Improved Associate Ergonomics. The System Is an Integration of Radio Controlled Overhead Cranes, Free Standing Mezzanines, Material Lifts For Parts Delivery To And From The Mezzanines and Six Customized Scissorlifts For Supporting The Jet Engine Product During Disassembly And Reassembly.

Finished Goods Inspection and Repack Cell

The Customer Wanted A Gravity Conveyor Based System For Product Repacking Of Finished Goods From Internal Captive Pallets To Pallets Required By The Various Automotive End Customers. The Provided Dual Work Station Custom Gravity Flow Conveyor Cell With A Dual Overhead Crane Based Lift Assist System Allowed For 100% Product Inspection & Repalletizing With A Minimum Of Ergonomic Stress On The Associates Doing The Work.

Overhead Fabric Assembly Work In Process Delivery System

The Customer Needed A System To Handle Large And Bulky Tents In A Manufacturing Process. The Provided Free Standing Overhead Monorail System With Customized Load Lifters And Carriers Did Just What The Customer Needed. The Implemented System Helped To Reduce The Direct And Indirect Labor Content and the Production Takt Times Significantly. Implementation Of This System Reduced Direct and Indirect Labor Content By Over 60% And The Productive Throughput Increased By 150%.

Long Part Raw Materials Staging and Picking Crane Cell

The Provided Crane And Roll Out Cantilever Rack System Is Designed To Assist Associates In Picking Steel Rod, Tube Or Structural Components For Delivery To A Neighboring Fabrication Department. The Combined Crane And Roll Out Cantilever Rack System Provides Direct Access To Every Product Being Stored And Virtually Eliminates Double And Triple Load Handling To Access Any Specific Raw Material.