Vertical Work In Process KanBan Cell for Product Assembly Process

An Integrated Vertical Carousel Storage and Horizontal Customized Cart Based Transportation System to Receive, Hold and Dispense 90 Pound Tote Containers Of Work In Process Components For A Flexible Manufacturing System.

Work In Process KanBan Cell for Product Assembly Lines

A Lean Manufacturing Product Delivery System For Handling Work In Process Totes On Powered Conveyors Between Manufacturing Processes. The Picture Shows Two Of The Eight Identical Conveyor Cells Within A Master Powered Roller Conveyor System. Each Shown Conveyor Configuration Was Designed To Stage 2-3 Hours Of Production So The Neighboring Processes Were Decoupled From Each Other. The Two Powered Conveyor Cells Shown Are Used To Accumulate And Deliver WIP Component Materials Into A Subassembly Process (Right Hand Cell) And Then To A Final Assembly Process (Left Hand Cell). Emptied Totes Are Removed From The Assembly Processes By These Conveyor Cells As Well. The Conveyors Interface To Custom Towed Transfer Carts Along A Common Aisle Between The Two Shown Cells. The Spatially Tight Environment Forced The Conveyor Flow Patterns To Fit Between And Around Other Manufacturing Processes And Minimize The Required Square Footage.

Finished Goods Transportation & Sirting System w/ VNA Selective Rack Storage and Order Picking System

The integrated system shown provided staging of flat retail & case packaging, rolled raw and work in process materials, a shared finshed package take away and sortation conveyor system, a finished goods very narrow aisle warehouse racking system and a case picking, packing and shipping cell. The system allowed for the merging of several smaller manufacturing operations into a centralized manufacturing and distribution operation.

WIP Injection Molded Parts KanBan Buffer

The Automotive Customer Needed A Line Side Presentation Buffer Of Purchased Parts For A Manufacturing Process Within A Minimum Amount Of Line Side Space. The Provided KanBan Buffer (Case Flow Cell) Provided The Required Quantity Of Pick Faces And Days Of Inventory Needed To Fill The Requirement Between The Two Mezzanines. The Lower Free Standing Mezzanine Positioned The Associates At The Elevation Needed To Add The MRO Parts To The Products Being Manufactuered On The Line. The Upper Free Standing Mezzanine Positioned The Associate For Replenishing The Case Flow Cell.

Finished Goods Inspection and Repack Cell

The Customer Wanted A Gravity Conveyor Based System For Product Repacking Of Finished Goods From Internal Captive Pallets To Pallets Required By The Various Automotive End Customers. The Provided Dual Work Station Custom Gravity Flow Conveyor Cell With A Dual Overhead Crane Based Lift Assist System Allowed For 100% Product Inspection & Repalletizing With A Minimum Of Ergonomic Stress On The Associates Doing The Work.

Overhead Fabric Assembly Work In Process Delivery System

The Customer Needed A System To Handle Large And Bulky Tents In A Manufacturing Process. The Provided Free Standing Overhead Monorail System With Customized Load Lifters And Carriers Did Just What The Customer Needed. The Implemented System Helped To Reduce The Direct And Indirect Labor Content and the Production Takt Times Significantly. Implementation Of This System Reduced Direct and Indirect Labor Content By Over 60% And The Productive Throughput Increased By 150%.

Long Part High Speed Packaging & Sortation Cell

The Supplied Custom Packaging System Receives Long Parts On A Series Of Parallel Powered Roller Conveyors From An Existing Painting Operation. The System Automatically Inspects The Parts For Quality and Singulates The Parts Into A Pair Of Spiral Wring Wrappers Which Apply Protective Sleeves To Each Piece Individually. Once Sleeved The Parts Are Accumulated On Parallel Powered Roller Conveyors In Batches And Delivered To The Cartoning Station. A Batch Of Long Parts Is Automatically Inserted Into The Master Carton Station And The Master Carton Is Folded And Banded Closed At Specific Points As It Conveys Down Stream. Once The Carton Banding Process Is Completed The Batches Are Conveyed Downstream Where They are Sorted By Outbound Truck Loads In Reverse Delivery Order. An Existing Overhead Crane System With A Fork Attachment Is Used To Load The Finished Orders Onto Outbound Delivery Trucks.