Customized Applications

Continuous Flow Freezing System

The Customer Wanted To Find A Way To Freeze Products That Eliminated The Palletizing, Depalletizing And Repalletizing Typically Found With Most Blast Freezing Operations For Case Goods. The New System Provides That Capability Through a Carousel Based Accumulation and Conveyance Process With Significantly Increased Product Freeze and Throughput Rates As An Additional Benefit. In Turn The System Minimized The Non-Value Added Labor Content By Over 60%.

Crane Based Secure Die Storage System

The end customer was in need of a centralized die storage system to better manage the inventory of dies used within their production processes. To make sure that the movement of dies from the storage system was accurately tracked a security enclosure was installed around the storage system as well as a radio tracking inventory system that monitored the rf chips installed in all die halves. An associate had to provide a job number rf chips installed in all die halves. an associate had to provide a job number a die set to the storage system. Additionally, a Gorbel crane was installed to assist in moving the dies from the storage pallets to the transportation carts.

Overhead Fabric Assembly Work In Process Delivery System

The Customer Needed A System To Handle Large And Bulky Tents In A Manufacturing Process. The Provided Free Standing Overhead Monorail System With Customized Load Lifters And Carriers Did Just What The Customer Needed. The Implemented System Helped To Reduce The Direct And Indirect Labor Content and the Production Takt Times Significantly. Implementation Of This System Reduced Direct and Indirect Labor Content By Over 60% And The Productive Throughput Increased By 150%.

Crane Supported Large Part Rotation Device

The Rotation Tool Allows The Controlled Rotation Of A Heavy Production Mold Or Tool Suspended By Two Opposing Points Along The Product’s Rotation Center Line. The Rotation Tool Works In Pairs For For Safety With Moderate To High Tonnage Loads. Lighter Loads Can Be Rotated With A Single Drive And Idler Support Combination.

Heavy Part Order Picking Master Container Presentation Cell

A Kitting Operation Was Experiencing A Number Of Associate Ergonomic Injuries As Heavy Packages Were Picked Off Floor Level Pallets Beneath Traditional Selective Rack. The Lift Assist Tools Shown Pneumatically Moves The Bottom Level Load Out Into The Picking Aisle And Back Beneath The Racks. The Associate Does The Picking With The Load Out In The Picking Aisle Resulting In Less Bending And Stooping Than Currently Seen. The Cases Picked Per Hour Rate Increases And The Associates Ergonomic Environment Is Significantly Improved.