Integrated Systems

Full Case and Less Than Case Order Picking, Inspection and Packaging System

Full Case and Less Than Case Order Picking, Order Inspection and Packaging System. The System Substantially Reduces The Associate Walking and Lifting Requirements As Well As Increases Order Throughput Rates and Picking Accuracy. The System Starts With An Over/Under High Density Pallet Storage System With Push Back Staging Of Loads On The Upper Two Rack Levels And Gravity Flow Lanes For Full Case Picking To Powered Take Away Conveyors On The Lower Level. The System Then Passes Through A Broken Case Picking Area for Small Items To Be Picked From Shelf Levels In A Rack Supported Mezzanine Configuration. Finally All Orders Go A Sortation Station Where The System Automatically Segregates Full Case Orders And Bypasses Them Around The Manual Inspection Process. All Other Orders Pass Through a 100% Inspection And Pack Out Process.

Large Product Disassembly, Repair and Rebuild System

The Customer Wanted To Improve The Departments Production Levels And The Associates Ergonomics Environment. The Crane Based Disassembly, Repair and Rebuild System for Jet Engine Products Substantially Improved Productivity Levels As Well As Improved Associate Ergonomics. The System Is an Integration of Radio Controlled Overhead Cranes, Free Standing Mezzanines, Material Lifts For Parts Delivery To And From The Mezzanines and Six Customized Scissorlifts For Supporting The Jet Engine Product During Disassembly And Reassembly.

High Value Product Security Crib With Free Standing Mezzanine

The Goal Was The Consolidation of The MRO Parts For Three Sensor Manufacturing Facilities Into One Common Operation. The System Started With The Design, Fabrication and Installation Of A Free Standing Mezzanine Above An Existing MRO Parts Crib. Once The Mezzanine Was Installed The Security Fencing Was Modified And Repackaged Around The Lower Level To Optimize Work Space And Material Flow. Once The Fencing Was Completed The Shelving Systems From The Two Remaining Facilities Were Reconfigured And Moved Into Their New Positions On The New Free Standing Mezzanine.

Purchased Parts Rack Supported Mezzanine and Kitting Cells

Reconfiguration Of Available Vertical Space Was Needed To Consolidate Multiple MRO Parts Kitting Operations Onto A Flexible Mezzanine System. A Combination Rack Supported Mezzanine and Free Standing Mezzanine Were Built To Consolidate The Operations. The Design Eliminates The Need For Order Picking Forklifts And Rolling Ladders Used In The Prior Selective Rack Small Item Order Picking Process. The Design Significantly Increases The Pick Rate Per Labor Hour Resulting In An Indirect Labor Savings While Producing Kits In Substantially Less Time.

Heavy Component Assembly and Packaging Cell

A Flexible Conveyor Based Assembly System For Heavy Automotive Drive Line Components With Multiple Work Stations Assembling The Units In A Single Piece Flow Process. A Secondary Line, To The Right Of The Assembly Line, Kits The Custom Units Into Retail Packaging For Shipment. The System Provides Better Associate Ergonomics With Reduced Lifting Requirements Subsequently Resulting In Higher Productivity Per Associate. Equipment Designed, Provided & Installed Includes: ZeroPressure Accumulating Conveyors, Gravity Conveyors, Assembly Work Stations, Gorbel Light Bridge Cranes And Monorails, Purchased Part Shelving per Assembly Station.

High Capacity Free Standing Mezzanine with Integral Crane System

The Free Standing Mezzanine With The Mezzanine Column Supported Overhead Bridge Crane Provides Substantial Additional Square Footage For Raw Materials Storage And Delivery To An Injection Molding Process at the Ground Level. The Crane System Allows Access To Any Unit Load Of Pellitized Plastic Materials Under Its Travel Path. This Reduces The Number Of Touches Per Unit Load Handled Resulting In Lower Indirect Labor Costs.

Large Product Overhead and Conveyorized Packaging System

The Integrated Crate Assembly and Crane Based Lifting System Is Used To Fabricate A Variety Of Shipping Crates Plus Load Heavy, Large And Bulky Product Into Those Crates As They Flow Down The Floor Mounted Gravity Conveyor Rails On A Just In Time Basis For Outbound Shipment. Each Station Along The Flow Rails Utilizes Lift Assist Tools To Ergonomically Handle The Progression Of Items Needed To Be Loaded Into Each Crate.

Custom Modular Building Enclosure with Integral Free Standing Mezzanine

The Mezzanine and Modular Building Combination Provides A Curing Chamber Environment For Large Products And A Floor Supported Environment for The HVAC System That Controls The Temperature And Humidity Levels Within The Modular Building Below.

Free Standing Large Part Accumulation Mezzzanine with Floor to Mezzanine Material Lift Transporter

The Free Standing Mezzanine Provides Staging Space For Large, Heavy Production Molds That Are Supported And Moved On Casters. The Mezzanine Deck Is Capable Of Handling 1000 Pound+ Point Loads Transmitted Through The Casters To The Floor Surface. The Integral Mezzanine Safety Rail Is Designed To Contain The Production Tools Even If They Impact The Rail While Traveling Up To Three Miles An Hour. The Reciprocating Material Lift Is Used To Transport The Tools Between the Mezzanine Level And Ground Floor Levels On An As Needed Basis.

Flexible Product Assembly Cell With Common Base for Quick Cell Reconfiguration

One of Two Flexible Just In Time Lean Assembly Systems Consisting Of Multiple Lanes Of Stacked Raw Component Totes Ergonomically Presented To The Integral Assembly Line And Conveyorized Overhead Removal Of Empty Totes. The System Is Supported On A Common Transportable Frame That Supports Inbound Gravity Conveyors With Pneumatic Singulators, Customized Scissor Lifts For Multi Level Product Tray Presentation And Upper Level Empty Container Return Conveyors. The System Resulted In Reduced Finished Product Takt Times, Improved Associate Ergonomics And Direct and Indirect Cost Reductions Per Finished Part Produced.